Sunday, November 23, 2008

No Apologies

I hereby swear that from this point in time forward I will no longer be issuing apologies for the lack of posts. I owe this to my many readers and all of my faithful responder(s). Now that I have that behind me (whew) here is what's new. My wife left for California on the 14th of October for 2 weeks to visit the daughter. I was instructed to sieve the cat litter daily, this task became less of a chore as one of our two cats died. My brother had surgery on November 4 for prostate cancer, he is recovering very well. His pathology reports look very good, so that is encouraging. I caught a very bad cold from my wife who caught it in California, and am just now recovering. Nothing much good comes out of California, some nice wines perhaps, and maybe Ronald Reagan. The election is over and Thank God! It's pretty much amounted to a coronation for Obama. No surprise. Now I can start worrying in earnest. I've taken a huge beating in the stock market, and finally bailed out altogether. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. I'll manage. Here in the swamp, life can be good when things dry up. I still have one cat.


Blogger afterthegoldrush said...

I bailed out as of last Friday and the market has gone up.Just my luck.My adviser advised against it and told me that I was locking in my losses.He is correct.I feel that this economy has not hit bottom yet.
Ronald Reagan would have told all these businesses with their hands out:You made your beds,now lie in them!

1:23 PM  
Blogger swampcritter2 said...

I'll tell you this much Goldrush, I have yet to meet a person who works for a brokerage firm that will tell you to get when the getting's good. They want that money (or whatever is left of it) to saty under their roof. Your money after all is paying their commissions. I've parked what I have left in CDs and Money Markets. I'm 56 and not able to work any longer, I had intentions of building a new home. Not so sure now.

5:38 PM  

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