Sunday, September 14, 2008

Back At It

My friend Howard over at the Delmar Dustpan took me to task for not posting in a more timely manner. so Howard, this one's for you. Actually I should thank Howard. So here it is. The last few weeks have been busy ones for me. Today being a Sunday, I went to church and later went to Pocomoke to play guitar with my pastor again at Hartley Hall Nursing Home. Right now this is my favorite venue. In reality this is my only venue. My wife sang (Just A Closer Walk With Thee) as did my pastor. I met a young lady from Pitt's Creek Baptist Church named Faith DiMattias who also sang. She sings Alto very nicely. Her song was the old Gospel tune, "I'd Rather have Jesus." I've heard bout this gal for quite a while, and how well she sings. Now I know. I was playing a new guitar today. It is made by Albert and Muller in Germany. It is what is known as a "parlour" guitar. It is slightly smaller than a conventional acoustic. Even though it is small, it delivers. Treble notes ring and seem to hang in the air. It is beautiful to play too. W hen I say it is new, I mean to say it is new to me. I bought it from an on-line outfit in North Carolina called Dream Guitars. It was not cheap. I'll try to post a picture shortly. Be back soon.


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Good too see you back posting

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