Monday, July 28, 2008

No Rest for the Already Weary

I was anticipating Monday to be a day of recovery from the frenetic goings-on of the past few days. No way this was to be! Murphy showed up in the form of an infirm mother. I wake up Monday morn and walk into my kitchen, where the phone is flashing like a neon sign. A deep sigh is heaved, I retrieve the message from my sister-in-law. Sunday evening at 11 p.m. My mother is taken by ambulance to the hospital in Berlin with severe chest and upper GI pains. Her blood pressure is off the charts and she is 78 years of age. She has been taking over the counter meds her doctor has instructed her not to take, she will not take meds that have been prescribed to her by the same doctor. She will however,gladly take Tomazepam (addictive) and Lorazepam (also addictive) from any doctor who can prescribe them for her. Translation: My mother has a problem. To top it all off I go in to see her at 10 a.m. or so, and the doctor who is caring for her in the hospital happens to be there. My mom is lying through her teeth to the doctor! I can't accuse my mom of lying to the doctor while the doctor is in the room can I?I remain silent, and later chase down the doctor in the hall and set her straight. I feel like I'm being a total shit! I'm also very angry. M y mom is jeopardizing her health by lying to the doctor. It's her responsibility to answer life or death questions truthfully, not mine. If the doctor misdiagnoses her because of this, and it results in my mom's death, or to my mom's detriment, and I say nothing am I not responsible also? No thank you please. This has not been a happy Monday, if ever there was one.


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There is a point in life when the parent becomes the child and the child becomes the parent.I know that all too well.You can only do so much.

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