Thursday, July 17, 2008


This morning around 7 0r so as my wife was getting ready to leave for her job, our dog decided that she needed to be taken for a walk. So I hitched her up to the leash and proceeded to walk down my winding driveway which is about a quarter mile long and surrounded by woods. As I approached the last curve on my drive I saw a vehicle parked in my drive,it had backed off the main drag, and had entered my drive well past my gate,which was open BTW. Since it was fairly early I guessed it had been there for at least a couple of hours. It was a large Lincoln, a Town Car. I couldn't tell from a distance if anyone was in it, but it sure had no business being there, and it was blocking my drive as my wife was just getting ready to leave. Now let me add that when I go about my property I am generally armed, this is because I was once (believe it or not) attacked by a rabid raccoon. Also when I first moved here over 26 years ago there was a pack of wild dogs in the area, and I had a small child to worry about. A handgun is a reassuring thing to have in these situations, and it's perfectly legal to carry it on my person while on my property. But there was no way I was going to approach that vehicle armed or not at that hour of the morning and tell them they were trespassing and to leave. The property is posted, but most trespassing laws are a joke anymore, plus the world is not a safe place anymore. While I will use a gun to shoot a critter, I'm not particularly anxious to shoot a human. So I did the prudent thing I went back to the house and called the Sheriff's Dept. They showed up within minutes, checked out the vehicle. There were two kids sleeping in the vehicle after along night of it, I guess. The officer told them they were trespassing while I was present and sent them on their way. They were very apologetic. End of confrontation, I was relieved. I'll still carry the gun.


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