Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Service at the Nursing Home

I've not been too righteous about posting as of late. Since I no longer punch a clock, or have to account for much of anything I've lost the time managing habits that I used to possess. I need to get back in the groove, just for my own sake. Today I was blessed folks, and here's how. My Pastor goes twice a month to do a service at the nursing home in Pocomoke. He always asks if anyone else would like to tag along and sing, or participate in the service. My wife is a fairly good singer, who already sings in our church choir. I play passable guitar, but don't know a lot of Gospel stuff, but I'm learning. So today we went along to the service at 2:30 at Hartley Hall. There were maybe 30 + people there, all seated in wheelchairs, or with walkers. Nursing homes are depressing places, let me tell you. These people sat there, many stared vacantly. I felt so sorry for these folks, but when we started singing, Man their faces lit up, they sang along, clapped hands, applauded. We made their day. My wife sang two songs with a trio, and I backed her up on a third. We were there 45 minutes or so, I was privileged to give the closing prayer. Afterwards we mingled, what an experience. Very touching indeed to see these people come to life. I got as much as I gave today, maybe more. I'll be going back.


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