Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Full Plate and Then Some

Today I groomed the dog, no easy task. Especially in this heat. Tomorrow I have to take my wife to work in the a.m. as she is getting her vehicle detailed, then I have to meet my brother to discuss an addition on his house I am working on. Tomorrow afternoon I have to go to the animal hospital in Berlin and pick up Doggie-meds, and in the evening it's off to Berlin again, where I will meet up with my brother as we take in the Roy Book Binder show at the Globe Theater. Local blogger and fellow blues afficianadoTim Chaney will be there also. Tim is an acquaintance of my brother and a fine guy to boot, it'll be nice to see him and his guitarist/compadre Lenny again. Friday I will be working here at home ( on the tree farm) and checking out an auction in Snow Hill. Saturday early I will be mowing grass at the church near Whiton where the kinfolks are interred, and then at 10 a.m. I will be helping to clean the church where I worship near Pocomoke. Saturday afternoon I will be preparing food for a church affair that will take place Sunday after worship services. Is that enough?


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