Friday, July 25, 2008

The Roy Book Binder Show

Last night I journeyed to Berlin and met up with my brother at the Globe Theater to take in some good food and to see and hear Roy Book Binder. Roy is a very good fingerstyle blues and Ragtime guitar player, and the guy was at the top of his game last night. Roy gave 100% last night, he was clearly having a good time, it showed believe me. I ran into fellow blogger Tim Chaney, and his pal Lenny (both guitar players) and they both concurred that what we saw last night was exceptionally good. Roy played 2 sets and during the intermission, and after the show, was more than happy to hobnob, sign autographs, and hawk his CDs, and other promotional goodies. He's a very affable guy, and very approachable. When he's not performing he'll instruct guitar, and I must tell you, acoustic blues guitar is challenge. I know I've been at it a while. You have to stay with it. So last night was part of my learning experience, and of course it's easier to learn when you have a good time. I did!


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