Friday, October 03, 2008

On Sarah Palin

Since I've posted comments on Elbert and on Average girl regarding Ms. Palin I suppose I should just as well post a few more thoughts here. I don't like Joe Biden, never have. If Sarah Palin held her own last night with that arrogant buffoon, then I perceive it as a win for her. When Bill Clinton became president he came with a lot of ambitious plans. They didn't happen. Many times when a governor becomes a president what worked at home will not work in the White House. He was brought up to speed very quickly and soon befriended Sen. Moynihan from New York. Moynihan showed Clinton the way to get things done so Clinton could at least take credit for something. Never mind that Moynihan in the early months of the first Clinton administration was the true power behind the throne. Now Barack Obama has ambitions too, but his plans for this country are vague. What he has said amounts to blatant socialism. He won't accomplish much by himself if he gets there (which I hope he doesn't) apart from the usual Democrat agenda. He doesn't have the savvy or know- how that his running mate does. So Biden will be calling the shots and Barack takes the credit for it all. This may be enough for him. He has an ego that rivals Biden's, except that Biden has never been right about anything. Look at his hair transplant for example! I don't want either one in any office. When Obama went over to Germany and apologized for our country that decided it for me. It's bad enough that Jimmy Carter does that crap. We don't need that again.


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