Thursday, January 22, 2009

January Post

Well hello again Faithful reader(s) and generators of comment.
January is named for the God Janus,usually depicted as having two heads, one facing left and the other facing right. Actually they represent one head looking left into the past year, and the other looking right into the new year. Neat huh?
So much for mythological symbols. It has been a busy time for me thus far this month.
Some of you folks may know I live on a tree farm, so this month I am having some 90 acres of pine trees thinned and marketed as pulpwood. I have larger timber that could be harvested, but since the timber market is so poor these days I will have to wait. So to enhance the quality of the timber and at least derive a little income the trees are being thinned. A lot of impressive machinery has been rolling through the woods here. The canopy in the forest has really opened up and looks quite good.I will try to post some pix shortly.
Today I went to Pocomoke and took a friend out to breakfast. He is 83 and lost his wife back in August. He has had a hard time of it. We had a decent enough breakfast at Our Place in Pocomoke, and then went back to his place near Stockton and talked for a spell.
Left there and headed for Powellville, picked up my Mom and went into the 'bury to PRMC to visit my brother who had surgery the day before. He's doing well considering he had 8 inches of his bowel removed.
Then it was back to Powellville to drop off my Mom and I finally got home around 1 o'clock. I fell out and woke up to my daughter calling from California to wish me a Happy birthday. Yes today I am 57. It's not a big deal with me anymore. I would have liked for my birthday this year a less busy day.


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